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MVI is about Best Practices in the Business of Hospice. In this podcast we share advice and best practices for Hospice businesses gained through our 20+ years of working with over 850 Hospices.
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MVI Radio - The Best Advice About The Business of Hospice

Mar 18, 2015

In this MVI "classic" audio message, Andrew Reed discusses  the two most destructive situations a Hospice can face: running out of cash and the insecure leader.

What is at the root of these situations and how can they be avoided?


About Andrew Reed, CPA/System Analyst

Andrew is the President and CEO of Multi-View Incorporated (MVI), one of the most influential companies in the United States regarding the business operations of Hospice. MVI is perhaps best known for “the Model” - a modern approach to Hospice management which creates a high-quality, predictable experience that is financially balanced. The Model helps Hospices bring meticulous intention to virtually every aspect of the care experience including phone interactions, visit structures as well as indirect areas that support the frontlines of care. The innovations have helped to create some of the most successful Hospice platforms in the history of the movement resulting in the highest valuations, quality scores and phenomenal economic performance. Andrew and MVI have worked with over 850 hospices over the past 20+ years. 

Andrew formed Multi-View Incorporated (MVI) in 1996 to provide assistance to Hospices specifically in the business area. Since then, MVI has multiplied into several different companies including MVI, MVI Systems, MVI Benchmarking and MVI Media.