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MVI is about Best Practices in the Business of Hospice. In this podcast we share advice and best practices for Hospice businesses gained through our 20+ years of working with over 850 Hospices.
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MVI Radio - The Best Advice About The Business of Hospice

Aug 24, 2016

In Hospice, you certainly can pay as well, if not more, than hospitals or other health systems IF you manage well! If this is not your view, then perhaps your ideas about compensation could use some expanding. There is plenty of money in Hospice. You want to design your pay practices on the very best methods known, those of the 90th percentile.

Compensation is the cost structure that Managers should always be interested in and exploring. It will give you the biggest payoffs and make the job of management so much easier! However, the fact that most Hospice and other healthcare entities use average or even below average compensation methodologies and somehow expect to get great results is absurd. Compensation is STRUCTURAL. That is, once it is firmly established, your management system is put into autopilot to a large degree, making management vastly EASIER! But the ludicrous “fear barrier” that “everyone will quit” keeps the Hospice herds in check, ensuring mediocrity for all but the bold, integrous and courageous.

As I look at Hospices’ compensation systems, I see “anemic” compensation systems, overly complex compensation systems, systems with an enormous number of compensation codes instead of an elegant economy of codes and systems that look very much like each other.  And LITTLE Accountability…  Your Accountability is directly linked to your quality! In fact, how you “do” Accountability in your Hospice for financials is the SAME way you do Accountability for your quality. Compensation is one of your most powerful Accountability STRUCTURES. Why not use it intelligently?

Our government now is almost $20,000,000,000 in debt. Why? Because people are not impacted directly! The debt, as well as so many organizational problems, are because of a lack of self-control.  It is “one day this will catch up with us” – but until then, keep burning up the credit card! Bad business shields the stakeholders from the realities of the external world and performance. Good business brings everyone closer to revenue and performance. Your compensation work, if done well, will give you some of your biggest wins you will ever experience as a professional Manager. Therefore, it is best to expose yourself to the best ideas possible!

Serving from a place of Love for all ~ Andrew Reed, CEO & Chief Teaching Officer

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